Save More

Cashback, points, and miles are a fixture on most of our debit and credit cards. Most of us are trying to maximize these but most of us have more important things to do and we end up leaving money on the table. With the YamaPay app and web tools and resources, you'll have the technology doing for you all the hard work that to be honest, none of us can do unless we will spend the whole day doing and not go to work or spend time with friends and family.

Achieve More

When you save more every day, you can achieve more of your dreams and the dreams of those you care about. Go to college, have a wedding, buy the 'car', save for that 'vacation' you've been dreaming about....and much more...

Why YamaPay ?

At YamaPay we want to honor work and its rewards. We want to help you keep more of the money you work so hard to earn. As a result, you can achieve more and see more of your dreams come true. Proactive Finance: At YamaPay, we create proactive finance tools: mobile payment, digital wallet and shopping offers and rewards to help you capture so many of the savings available for you. We Don’t Stop There: In future releases we plan to save you more money with our DelightMe Services savings on insurances and loans. Our Promise: When you use YamaPay daily, YamaPay could put an extra 10,000 dollars a year back in your pocket! How we do it: We do this by helping you maximize rewards, discounts and savings on daily and long-term spending

Join the Movement

With YamaPay you could save $10,000 or more a year through all the savings and rewards!