Do you wake up every day and you're behind on your dreams and your bills?
Do you want this to change?

It's time we all start focusing not just on making or saving money but a lot more importantly on financial independence!
So we can all have better lifestyles and be the best version of ourselves!

This is how financially independent people live and feel:

They travel first class

They travel as often as they want

They go wherever they want

They have much less stress

They don’t fear being laid off

They don’t have to think about bills

They have a lot more choices in life

We believe you want the same and more! Here is what we mean:

We believe you want to achieve a higher purpose through service and significance

As Opera Winfrey says:

“Service and significance equal success”

But how do you achieve this?

You do it when you become ‘‘a force for Good”

We want you to be great.There is greatness in you!

“Not everybody can be famous but
everybody can be great!”

“Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great!”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

So how do you get there?
Our Force For Good philosophy is based on four steps:

Save More

Save more every day with Yama!

Learn More

Invest in yourself and learn about financial independence with Yama!

Serve a Bigger Purpose:

Become a force for good: you are more likely to serve your community, impact larger than life causes, and live a life of goodness and significance.

Rich Dad Poor Dad More

Develop financial intelligence, manage cash flow, have revenue-producing assets and more with Yama!

Here is a little bit more detail on how you can go through the steps:

Step 1

Financial Independence

Step 2

Learn about what your financial freedom number is!

Step 3

Adopt rich dad poor dad mindset and actions!

Step 4

Serve a Bigger Purpose:
Remember: Service + Significance = Success

That’s when you become a ‘force for good’:

At Yama, we want to be with you on your journey of service and significance.

First, we will help you save more, learn more about financial independence, give you tools and resources to build a Force For Good lifestyle.

This is when you start to do more of what matters, serve more and create more meaning and significance in your and others’ lives and become a force for good in the world.

Where Do I Start?:

Definitely sign up for Yama’s waiting list, check out the speakers above for more insights into self-development, financial independence and intelligence and start taking steps to be a better version of yourself.
Let’s stay connected and together on this journey.

We believe in service and significance as the key ingredients for our success and happiness. Yama is not only about saving money; it’s about helping everyone of us become a better version of ourselves and become a force for good in the world…... We’re in this together!