The world doesn’t need another digital wallet.
It needs people who care!

If you use multiple debit and credit cards when you shop, you don’t save as much as you can and end up leaving a lot of money on the table, we have some good news for you!

Yama is launching soon and will
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How do we all leave money on the table every day

When you miss our on credit/debit card rewards

Unless you’re carrying a cheat sheet in your wallet to help you remember how many points or miles or cashback offers your credit or debit card will give you, you have no easy way of capturing these savings on every purchase. A cheat sheet won’t help you that much either. Too many things to think about for any human being to successfully do this in their head!

When you miss out on retailer discounts on every purchase

Unless you’re a super penny saver and have so much time to track these coupons and discounts in print and online ads, emails and marketing text messages, who can keep all of this in their head? An instant headache and no money saved!

When you don’t automatically save on personal finance products

Once you get a car loan (or other loans and insurances for that matter), nobody comes back to tell you now your interest rate is lower and you should be able to lower your car loan and the monthly payment as well.

When you don’t get rewarded for shopping at your favorite retailers

When you shop, merchants should reward you for doing business with them and not other retailer, some try to do this, most don’t. And you still lose out one more time.

We feel we’re all in this together. Here is what’s even more challenging for all of us. Because we don’t get all these savings, we also end up missing out on some important moments in life. Because of lack of money, sometimes:

That’s why we decided to care: We decided to help you do much better, expect more, and save more

This is why we built Yama!

If you are a shopper, we decided to create Yama, give you a tool that pays you to shop, with our triple play technology: you will maximize debit and credit card rewards, receive retail discounts and get reward points for shopping at your favorite retailers. We also use a ‘wheel of fortune’ technology that works around the clock to find you bigger discounts, on personal finance products you already have and deserve lower premiums on. All of this happens when you use Yama daily to scan and pay and reap all of these rewards

Own a business?

If you’re a business owner, we help you grow your revenues and cash flow by helping you send discount offers directly to your customers in the Yama app!

Then to do more good, we will give 15% of
our proceeds to help the homeless

Then to do more good,we will give 15% of our proceeds to help the homeless

That’s why we don’t believe the world needs another digital wallet.

It does need people who care! Let’s all stop leaving money on the table.

Expect more, save more, spend more memorable moments with those we love and help those in need! Join us today!