Empowering Consumers to Maximize Credit Card Rewards

It’s no secret that consumers are crazy about rewards. Businesses have realized this by offering loyalty programs, credit card rewards, cash backs, and more. But maximizing these rewards can be difficult and Americans end up leaving 1000s of dollars on the table. YamaPay could help you save up to $10,000 a year.

Ash sat down with PayPod Podcast host: Scott Hawksworth, Sales and Marketing Director of Soar Payments) to discuss mobile payments and how YamaPay will add value in this space.

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YamaPay honors work and its rewards by maximizing each transaction by providing benefits to all the rewards mentioned above. YamaPay offers three reward categories:

1) Maximize Rewards: Providing benefits through each Credit Card and Debit Card transactions under VISA, MasterCard, American Express and more.

2) Discounts: Personalized retail discounts on each user that would depend on usage and buying personas

3) Points = Gift Cards: Each transaction through the App earns a certain point value that can be redeemed to have gift cards through the application portal.

This episode is all about fintech (and mobile payments) solutions to this challenge. Our guest is Ash Seddeek who is the co-founder of YamaPay which is a forthcoming mobile payment app that is working to help consumers maximize their rewards and savings.

Listen to the complete Podcast and learn the benefits of reward maximization that can bring and how important mobile technology is to consumer behavior and more.

Payments and Fintech Insights in this Episode:

  • Why rewards are such a critical point for consumers these days, and how it can be difficult to keep track of them.
  • The story behind YamaPay and how it will help put money directly in consumers pockets and be a huge win for partnered payments businesses and beyond.
  • Why consumer behavior is critical to mobile payments growth and demand.
  • Ash’s thoughts on fintech, payments and where it’s all heading in the future.
  • With a whole bunch more!

Payments and Fintech Insights in this Episode:

Payments and Fintech Spotlight: YamaPay

“Today, there are no tools to help consumers capture rewards and savings which end up being left on the table. That’s why we created YamaPay. At YamaPay, we create proactive finance tools: mobile payment, digital wallet and shopping offers and rewards to help you capture so many of the savings available for you.

YamaPay does this by helping you maximize rewards, discounts and savings on daily and long-term spending.

More specifically, YamaPay…

  1. Helps you select the best card to use (debit/credit) at the point of sale and pay inside the app at YamaPay merchant retailer partners.
  2. Gives you discounts on products and services you buy most often
  3. Gives you YamaPay points and gift cards
  4. Rewards you for paying bills with your choice of debit and credit cards

As we release more features, we stack up more savings for you over time with our delightme savings on loans and insurance premiums. Want to know more about YamaPay, please email our founder Ash at ash@yamapay.com“

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